Lavender Farm

We’re not going mad! Although Provence is around a 1,000 miles away it’s just a tad to far for us to visit in a day, we’re fortunate in the Cotswolds we have our very own stunning lavender farm, and for 6 weeks of the year this flower blooms it has become a very popular tourist attraction. Before the gates open the farmer is going to give us a private run down of the farm, he will explain the varities of lavender, how it’s farmed and then finally how it’s produced and placed into products in the shop. This private experience is a truly unique experience for anybody with a horticultural background or general interest in flowers.

We shall do this experience bright and early at 9 am and then combine this with a tour of your choice and in particular this works well with the Cotswold Garden Tour or Explore The Cotswolds.