Private Polo Session

Embark on a quintessentially British adventure suitable for beginners and experienced horse riders alike, crafted exclusively for your enjoyment and learning. Dive into the charming world of Polo a sport beloved in the English countryside while having fun every step of the way. Your journey begins by acquainting yourself with adorable ponies, understanding the basics of the sport, practicing swings on a wooden horse with mallets, and mastering ball-hitting in a controlled setting. This playful and educational setup is an excellent precursor to the real excitement of riding.

Your experience will be led by a professional polo coach who offers a bespoke introduction to polo. Starting off with the fundamentals, you’ll learn how to wield your mallet and strike a ball from the stationary wooden horse. Once you grasp the basics, you’ll transition to riding seasoned polo horses, applying your new skills in motion. Typically lasting two hours, this session can be extended upon request.

Polo riding, akin to Western riding, simplifies control with one-handed rein management. Regardless of your riding experience, rest assured that polo ponies are among the most gentle and well-behaved of sports horses. Once you’re comfortable, your coach will introduce actual play. If you’re not quite ready to chase the ball at full speed, a gentler pace will be offered to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Following your session, you’ll have the chance to observe professional players in practice.

Post-polo, your driver guide will be ready to tailor the rest of your day. Explore the picturesque Cotswold villages, or engage in water sports at Cotswold Water Park, or relax with tea in the stunning gardens of Barnsley House, or visit the iconic locales of Bibury or the Slaughters. This customizable extension provides a perfect conclusion to your polo day.

Tour Highlights

  • Learn the art of polo
  • Private experience led by a professional coach
  • Ride a seasoned polo horse in the Cotswolds
  • Tailored afternoon to explore the Cotswolds
  • Explore hidden gems of Cotswold villages
14 August 2023

No Company Does Experiences Like This Company

This company is awesome, they are revitalising what can be done in the countryside and are bringing locals with stories to tell closer to mainstream tourism. We met local farmers, a bee-keeper, we learnt to stonewall, read unseen letters from Elizabeth I at a private castle and even had tea with the owner and gardener of a private Cotswold manor. Our 5 days in the Cotswolds was truly like no...

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