Oxford & Blenheim Palace

Our tour of Oxford and Blenheim Palace is a must-do experience. Oxford, with its rich history and prestigious university, has inspired countless alumni to shape our world. Meanwhile, Blenheim Palace is a true gem among British palaces and holds a special connection to the iconic leader; Sir Winston Churchill.

Oxford is undeniably one of the finest cities in Britain, and during our tour, we’ll customize our visit to suit your interests. In just a few hours, you can explore the many highlights of the city. Much of Oxford’s charm resides in its 38 colleges, each with its own distinctive character. From extravagant and well-known colleges like Christ Church College and Magdalen to smaller, intimate ones like New College and Merton College, you’ll be immersed in the rich history of higher education at Oxford.

Beyond the colleges, we can discover the city’s world-class museums, contemporary art galleries, the vibrant Victorian covered market, and even enjoy a leisurely punt on the dreamy Thames River. No matter your passions – whether it’s history, literature, architecture, arts, film, education, or food – Oxford has something to offer.

After our enlightening morning in Oxford, we can head to a charming and historic country pub where you can sample delicious local food and drinks. Following a short journey, we’ll arrive at Blenheim Palace – a true masterpiece of 18th-century baroque architecture. Once inside, be prepared to be awestruck by the exquisite antique collections from Europe. Admire remarkable portraits and tapestries, and delve into the 300-year-long history of this British National Treasure.

One of the Palace’s notable highlights is its close association with Sir Winston Churchill. You’ll have the chance to witness Churchill’s childhood bedroom and explore the enchanting award-winning gardens where he proposed to his wife under the captivating Greek Temple. To conclude the day, we can explore the adjoining village where Churchill rests in peace, as well as the nearby village where Downton Abbey is brought to life on screen. There truly is something for everyone in this remarkable tour.

Tour Highlights

  • Wander one of Britain’s finest Palaces
  • Guided walking tour of the City of Oxford
  • Discover the filming spots of Harry Potter, Endeavour & Downton Abbey
  • Explore as many of the 38 Oxford colleges as you like
  • Visit Sir Winston Churchill’s grave
25 November 2022

Cotswold Tours & Travel are the most accommodating and creative group I’ve ever had the pleasure of travelling with!

We knew we wanted to do private touring of the Cotswolds, so we asked Eddie Dale to help us design 3 days of “out of the ordinary” touring. And did he ever! David picked us up at our hotel in London, then travelled to Oxford, then Blenheim Palace, then indirectly to Stow-on-the-Wold. Wonderfully informative. Day two we did on our own — walking through fields to Bourton-on-t...

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