Old McDonald's English Farm

Our Cotswold Farm experience will immerse you into life as a farmer and get down and dirty in the English countryside.

Mervyn our local farmer is a true local character. Mervyn is Mr Old McDonald he’s a joy to be around, a gentleman with a huge amount of energy and a pure love for British farming and being well travelled through his collections of rare breed animals he has a few stories to tell. Merv’s farm is blissfully chaotic nestled away in the English countryside, you’ll see the baby pigs running around stealing the food from the cattle, you’ll see the cattle stealing the hay from the sheep, you couldn’t make it up and pictures don’t do it justice!

We’ll jump in the back of Merv’s old Land Rover and first of all he’ll give us a tour of the farm, Merv is one of the most important farmers in the country as he has some of the oldest blood lines of rare breed sheep and cattle. This is what makes his farm so special as he’s so passionate about what he does and his belted Galloway cattle are truly beautiful. As we tour around the farm we’ll feed all the animals and usually get involved in farming activities.

After our morning with Merv the afternoon will be tailored to you and we could visit Stratford-upon-Avon and visit a few Shakespeare sites and then we could row a boat up the River to Shakespeare’s burial or head to the medieval Warwick Castle and get involved with the drama in the dungeons. Or, for more of a relaxing afternoon tour around the Cotswold countryside villages and landscapes.

For anybody looking for a true authentic Cotswold farm experience that is unique to England, wanting to get out to the countryside and meet a true local this experience will be the highlight of your vacation.

Tour Highlights

  • Exclusive Farm Tour with a local Farmer
  • Feed the Pigs, Sheep and Cows
  • Learn Live as a Farmer
  • Off Roading Experience in a Land Rover
  • Explore Shakespeare’s Hometown and Warwick Castle
14 August 2019

No Company Does Experiences Like This Company

This company is awesome, they are revitalising what can be done in the countryside and are bringing locals with stories to tell closer to mainstream tourism. We met local farmers, a bee-keeper, we learnt to stonewall, read unseen letters from Elizabeth I at a private castle and even had tea with the owner and gardener of a private Cotswold manor. Our 5 days in the Cotswolds was truly like no...

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