Avebury and Salisbury

Our new Avebury & Salisbury tour is becoming one of our most celebrated tours. You will be guided on this day visiting Avebury, one of the most impressive Neolithic ceremonial landscapes in Britain as well as seeing the city of Salisbury that is steeped in history and stunning beauty. Our expert tour guides know so much about the area, that we will give you a real experience visiting this stunning part of the world and this is a must for all history lovers.

On this day, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Avebury which is the largest stone circle in Europe. Avebury is part of an extensive set of Neolithic and Bronze Age ceremonial sites that formed an expansive sacred landscape; other sites that make up the landscape include West Kennet Avenue, West Kennet Long Barrow, The Sanctuary, Windmill Hill, and Silbury Hill. It is thought that Avebury was used as a peace offering to the gods who controlled the climate and other natural occurrences. The great circles at Avebury are made up of 200 standing stones in that are arranged in an outer circle along with two inner circles; the circles are them surrounded by a large bank and ditch. It is said that Avebury henge is so large, that the famous Stonehenge would fit inside it about 130 times!

The famous Silbury Hill could also be visited on this tour. This the largest artificial mound in Europe and is steeped in mystery as it’s purpose, despite extensive research, still baffles archaeologists. It is suggested that the site could have been a territorial marker, burial mound or even a cenotaph. Silbury Hill compares in height and volume to the Egyptian pyramids.

Salisbury, one of England’s most significant historic cities that is home to Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta, is bursting with history, culture and architecture to captivate the delights of all ages. Salisbury Cathedral is considered by many to be one of Britain’s most beautiful buildings and it also boasts the highest church spire in the country. Salisbury Cathedral is home to one of only four copies of the original Magna Carta as well as housing the world’s oldest working mechanical clock. The city is overflowing with places to eat and drink, plus some of the finest independent shops in England, so as we will walk around the famous streets, we’ll pop into some of the stores and experience life like a local.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the famous Avebury Stone Circle
  • See the largest stone circle in Europe
  • Visit the stunning city of Salisbury
  • Meander through Salisbury Cathedral
  • Historical Tour including the Magna Carta
10 January 2020

Personalized, Lovely Experience!

This was my second time working with CT&T to plan a multi-day Cotswold experience–first for my parents, and then for myself & my husband. The team were extremely responsive and creative in developing our itinerary. They took all of our interests into consideration and selected wonderful tour guides and educators to complete our experience. Our Clay Pigeon Shooting experience wi...

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