4 Delicious Cotswold Quick Treats

When travelling or visiting a new part of world one of the most fun and satisfying experiences is what you’re eating whilst you’re there. We all know how easy it is to pop online and search “Best Restaurants or Places to Eat” and although most of the time it will give you a list of some really great places, what it doesn’t give you is the authentic, truly local, off the beat edible gems. These are 4 of our favourite local Cotswold foods that you cannot miss when visiting the Cotswolds!  Look out for our Top 5 Cotswold Desserts & our 5 Favourite Cotswold Drinks blogs to better fulfil your cravings. 

Cotswold Baguettes – Scotched Egg 

Cotswold Baguettes is a true locals spot, hidden down the little one way of Church street in the town of Stow-on-the Wold. Cotswold Baguettes is a little charming shop known for their amazing breads, sandwiches and daily soups. Owners Kevin and Beth are completely hands on making everything they serve and welcoming you from behind the counter with a smile and chat. Beyond the amazing sandwiches, breads, soups and staff is one of the best foods you will ever eat, their homemade scotched eggs. They are absolutely mouth-watering, to die for delicious. If you aren’t from here and have never heard of a scotched egg make this your first stop! We have had guests from all over the world with us and every opportunity we have to bring them to this awesome shop for one of their unbelievable scotched eggs we do! These scotched eggs are hand made by Kevin and Beth using their secret ingredient and recipe and it shows. They are by far the best scotched egg out there and one of the most tasty food we have ever had. Don’t miss them, they are seriously good.

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The Hive – Scones

Right next to the Porch House, famously known for being the oldest pub in England is a cute, fresh, fun café called The Hive When you walk into The Hive you will most likely be greeted by a friendly staff member and an amazing display of gorgeous cakes. There’s plenty food and drinks that will be totally appealing on the menu for both full hearty meals and sweet treats, but we want to rave about is their freshly baked homemade Scones. There’s three to choose from depending on what you’re after, Plain, Fruit and Cheese all as heavenly as each other. Not only are they huge, light and fluffy but the flavours are outstanding. The Plain sugar-coated scone is our go to. Paired with their clotted cream, homemade rhubarb compote and strawberry jam, you will be totally blown away with deliciousness! In our option they are the best scones hands down. The Hive has a lovely atmosphere for a fun breakfast or lunch.

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Cotswold tours and travel- best-food- cotswolds- scones- the hive- stow-on-the-wold-- snack- quick- delicious Cotswold tours and travel- best-food- cotswolds- scones- the hive- stow-on-the-wold-- snack- quick- delicious - cakes


Bakery on the Water- Raspberry Custard Danish

In the gorgeous little village of Bourton-on-The-Water you can find pretty water views, lots of cafes & ice cream shops and the most delicious bakery, Bakery on the Water This amazing bakery is family run producing pastries, cakes, quiches, and all the fixing you’d want to put on their gorgeous homemade breads. All of their baking is done with ingredients that are locally sourced and with recipes that have been passed down through generations. Although there isn’t much to fault at Bakery on the Water what keeps us coming back for me is their tasty Raspberry Custard Danish, its insanely good. The pastry is exactly what you want with a fluffy light texture but perfect crunch, the custard is smooth and velvety with vanilla flavour with ripe and fresh raspberries on top! Its perfect for a quick morning treat on-the-go, you can grab one to enjoy whilst you stroll around the village or to eat in with a warm cup of coffee and river view.

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Broadway Deli – Sausage Roll

The Broadway Deli is located on the charming high street of Broadway. The Broadway deli is as cute as it gets. From the farm fresh display at the entrance to the unbelievable collection of foods, jams, drinks and condiments from all over the world in the shop, it’s a fabulous place to just pop in. Their restaurant has a good menu and the deli shop has plenty to choose from. And if you’re after something British, homemade and hearty, their Sausage Roll is where it’s at! The golden, light, flaky pastry that melts in your mouth, with a delicious meaty filling of locally sourced pork sausage. This savoury pastry snack is perfect for any meat lover and one of our all-time favourites. If you find yourself in the beautiful village of Broadway, make sure you stop in and try one of their amazing sausage rolls! Easy to grab on the go or sit in and enjoy.

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