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The Dale family has been deeply rooted in the Cotswolds for over 300 years, passing down the secrets and history of the local land from one generation to the next. Now, Eddie and Brittany, the owners of Cotswolds Tours & Travel, have inherited this wisdom from Robin Dale, honored a champion of the countryside by King Charles. Eddie and Brittany, a young British and American couple, have two young boys named Harley and Porter. They share a passion for travel and have explored many fascinating destinations around the world, incorporating their discoveries into their tours of the British countryside.

After returning to Eddie’s homeland from America, he and Brittany noticed a gap in the market for authentic and personalized experiences in the Cotswolds. They wanted to offer more than the generic tours available online and provide a luxury service that truly immerses visitors in the local culture. Having lived and worked in various countries, they understand the challenge of connecting with locals and experiencing the true essence of a place. Cotswolds Tours & Travel aims to bridge this gap by offering unique and engaging experiences that are exclusive to England. They bring locals with captivating stories closer to visitors, creating immersive and memorable days for people of all ages and interests.

Who we are

Cotswold Tours & Travel is the premier provider of luxury travel and tour services in the beautiful Cotswolds region.

We take pride in pioneering revolutionary tours and experiences that are unparalleled by any other company operating in the area. With our years of experience, passion, and extraordinary network of connections, we are dedicated to delivering an extraordinary and unique travel adventure. As a family-business, we have recruited exceptional local guides who not only possess extensive knowledge but also share our family values and love for the Cotswolds.

What we do

At our company, our primary focus is on facilitating tours and travel experiences around the picturesque Cotswolds region and its neighboring areas. With the assistance of qualified and well-informed local tour guides, we strive to offer memorable day tours within luxurious Mercedes vehicles. For convenience, we extend chauffeur and tour services throughout England. Moreover, we take pride in designing our own exceptional tours and memorable experiences, specifically curated for the Cotswolds and nationwide destinations.

One key aspect that sets us apart is that we provide an authentic and genuine immersion into the culture and environment. Unlike many guides who hurriedly recite historical facts and present themselves as uninspiring “teachers’, our tour guides genuinely embody their passion and enthusiasm. With their utmost dedication and understanding of the local customs, they act as proud representatives of their hometowns. Their aim is to immerse you and introduce you to real local life, bringing to light tales we deeply cherish. Throughout your journey, we present the region’s finest offerings to you, while also acquainting you with local characters who add charm and character to the area.

English Countryside Farms

Getting out into the countryside and immersing yourself on local farms in the Cotswolds is our passion. Whether it be February or July there is always something happening on the farms we celebrate in the Cotswolds. Whether the sheep are being moved from one field to another, the kale is being picked to go to a nationwide supermarket or the wheat being harvested, whenever you visit the Cotswolds countryside you’ll be in for a surprise! Each of our tours has the option to swing by a Cotswold farm and if you’re not interested in any of this it’s just one of hundreds of things we can do on the day.

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Our Vehicles

All our vehicles are Mercedes executive vehicles and we have a variety of types from a Mercedes E class’s for transfers, SUV’s for touring to be able to see over those hedgerows and Mercedes V Class for larger groups and families.

All our vehicles are under 3 years old and are constantly serviced to offer the ultimate safety and comfort to our guests and our drivers.

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Robin Dale
Owner & Tour Guide
Eddie Dale
Owner & Travel Director
Brittany Dale
Owner & Unique Experience Director
Katy Parker
Office Manager
Steve Hunt
Tour Guide
Dave Laughlin
Blue Badge Tour Guide
Mark Element
Tour Guide
James Daniell
Tour Guide
Colin Gill
Tour Guide
David Ruffell
Tour Guide
Jonnie Trice-Rolph
Tour Guide
Andy Woodward
Tour Guide
Rob Hook
Tour Guide
John Fraser
Tour Guide
Marcus Rees
Tour Guide
Kate Mather
Tour Guide
John Loader
Tour Guide
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