Cotswold Mixed Bag

Cotswold Mixed Bag - Cotswold Tours & Travel

This ‘bespoke’ tour is designed for anyone and everyone. For photographers, we’ll take you to the very best spots to catch that perfect image, for historians we’ll take you on a journey through the history of our “Sceptr’d Isle. If Literature and the arts are your thing, we’ll take you to Stratford, birthplace of Shakespeare, or to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, home of artefacts and wonders from around the world. Maybe you are a Film and T.V. fan and want to see where they filmed ‘Downton Abbey’ or take a risk and visit the locations of ‘Inspector Morse’ and ‘Midsommer Murders’, the fictional murder capitals of England. You can tour antique shops, sample specialist food and drink, focus on ‘out of the way’ villages and historic churches, or hear folk tales, ghost stories and legends from around the Cotswolds. You can have one theme or many, or simply ask you driver guide to take you wherever suits you on the day. You will, of course, be accompanied by an outstanding local guide, who can adapt to whatever you want as the day goes on. We look forward to leading you to wherever you want to go!