About Us

Our Story

The Dale family have been farmers & residence of the Cotswolds as far back as 300 years. Secrets of the local land have been passed on from generation to generation, discovering new stories and history of the vast land. The wisdom now falls in the hands of Robin, Eddie and Brittany Dale to share this knowledge with their team and aim to create unforgettable experiences in the charming Cotswolds through all aspects of tours and travel.

Robin, Eddie and Brittany Dale have now created an unrivalled tour and transportation company, becoming pioneers in the Cotswold tourism industry and travel. From our first communication to our last drop off we keep a standard that surpasses the rest and keeps our guests as lifetime clients and creates experiences that aren’t offered anywhere else.

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Who We Are

Cotswold Tours & Travel are a family owned and operated luxurious tour and travel provider based in Bourton-on- the-Hill in the North Cotswolds. Robin Dale established the company in February 2004 as a hobby alongside farming. In March 2015 Robin and his son Eddie Dale formed the company you see today and after a couple of successful years we have established a unique tour and transfer service establishing ourselves as a leading service in the Cotswolds, with the passion to improve guest experiences in the Cotswolds and becoming pioneers in the Cotswold tour industry.

Cotswold Tours & Travel are now 7 driver guides which to our knowledge makes us the largest company based in the Cotswolds to be offering a genuine tour and transfer service. Cotswold Tours & Travel aren’t just your regular executive service offering transfers and tours, with real Cotswold locals behind the wheel and as a family owned company the owners are out driving the guests and the highest standards are adhered to at all times.

We have become pioneers in the tourism industry creating tours and experiences that simply no company in the Cotswolds could create with our years of experience and connections, and most importantly our passion to offer the best experience we have created tours such as ‘Country Skill’ where you can spend the morning with an international sheepdog handler, or have afternoon tea in a private Cotswold manor. We also have 500 acres of farm to show you, on our Cotswold tours we open up our farm and private farm museum to our touring guests and show you anything from sheep being sheared to the kale being picked or even try your hand at some stonewalling, there is always something happening on the farm and this is one of many highlights of our service that makes the experience we create unrivalled.

What We Do

All our vehicles are Mercedes executive vehicles and we have a range from a Mercedes E class for transfers, SUV’s for touring and Mercedes V Class’s for larger parties.

The Dale family care for this business and the standards are set very high on a daily basis from the top and set throughout the team. We set very high standards throughout our business from all our drivers being punctual, clean and professional, highly knowledgeable and skilled, and on a business side we are very professional in organising bookings, responding to calls and emails promptly and going above and beyond to help our guests plan their holiday.

All our tours are bespoke and tailored to each request, we can plan anything from a garden tour mixed with a visit to a local castle, a tour of unique rural Cotswold villages, or even a multi-day tour of the Cotswolds and beyond. Whatever the interest or budget we can accommodate for many requirements and include unique experiences that no other company in the area could offer. We are a company that we believe is really making a difference to the Cotswolds through all aspects of travel via local and airport transfers and the new standards of service we have brought to the area, the quality of guided tours and new experiences we have opened up in the Cotswolds, and finally the memories we have created for our guests creating a legacy in the Cotswolds.